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There are several roles that people must fulfill in the world of S4 League, all these roles play an important part in the game and could mean the difference between victory and defeat if properly/poorly performed. These roles will only apply to those who are playing Touch Down matches, and you need to know which of these roles you want to play quickly if you want to really help your team.

It's the Striker's task to get the Fumbi safely to the opponent's goal.
Here the first few seconds after the beginning of the round are the most important.
During this time, the Striker needs to reach and take the ball before the opponent does.
The tricky part is to still have enough SP left to dash to the goalpost quickly.
The main aspect when using this player is to have a good balance between HP and SP, since both play an important part.

Recommended equipment:
Weapons:Counter/Plasma Sword, Hand Gun,
                Submachine Gun
Skill: Skill Mastery

It's not very helpful if every player of the team rushes towards the ball after the round starts. Every player should be aware of his role and get on his position as soon as possible. The Supporter is the direct guard of the Striker. He must try to divert any kind of damage intended for the Striker onto himself and clear the Striker's path.

Recommended equipment:
Weapons: Counter Sword, Mind Energy, Revolver
Skill: Shield

A Defender uses a sniping weapon to back up his team from a safe distance.
His main objective is to take out the opponents' Defender and clean the way to the goalpost for his team's Striker.
Because of his intensive concentration on the front he's highly vulnerable to close-range damage, dealt for example by an Invader.
In order to guard the Defender you need an Assassin.

Recommended equipment:
Weapons: Semi Rifle, Rail Gun, Turret
Skill: Block

The Invader needs to offensively attack the opponent at his weakest spot and thus distract him. He tries to enter the enemy territory as fast as possible and confuse the opponents. To do so he needs to constantly watch the enemy's tactic and flexibly react on strategic changes.

Recommended equipment:
Weapons: Submachine Gun, Counter                  Sword/Bat, Revolver
Skill: Invisible

He's keeping an eye on the opponent's Invader and warns his own Defenders of possible sudden attacks.
Thus, it's his job to discover sudden attacks early and impede them.
Since he constantly needs to change his position quickly, he needs light and safe equipment.

Recommended equipment:
Weapons: Spy Dagger, Submachine Guns,
                 Assault Rifle
Skill: Detect

A Tank is the primary frontier. He should hold off the opponents' front attacks and mainly uses heavy splash damage weapons. He will need to face enemies like the opponent's Striker and Backer.

Recommended equipment:
Weapons: Mind Shock, Heavy Machine Gun,
                 Sentry Gun
Skill: Metallic

The Healer often plays an important role during the match which makes him strategically indispensable although he might seem of no importance on the first thought.
But in fact, this is his great advantage! Enemies tend to underestimate the power of healing and rather concentrate on attacking the Striker.

Recommended equipment:
Weapons: Mind Energy, Rescue Gun,
                 Submachine Guns
Skill: HP Mastery