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In this section, several rooms are available for any player to join.
You can also make your own room for battle by clicking the Training, Create an Arcade Room and Create a Match room. Horizontally, all the elements of a match are shown before entering a specific battle.

This includes the following:

  • Number of the match room, weapon limit (melee/range only match or mixed)
  • Name of the match that can be changed by the player, type of match
        (Battle Royal, Deathmatch, Captain, Touchdown, Chaser, Siege, Arcade Modes)
  • Map where the battle will take place
  • Number of players inside the match with its capacity
  • Status of the match, if it is on-going or paused
  • Matches can also be filtered in this section especially if the player is required to play a certain mode or map

If a player decides to make his/her own match, a Room Setting will appear before entering a match lobby. Rules will be set and will be followed during the match. The player also has the power to make the match private or open for public by modifying the Password section. Goals of the match and number of players who can participate can also be decided here.

  • 1. Minimap
    Indicates the position of your character, team mates and opponents
  • 2. Chat box
    Messages can be typed here. Sending messages can also be filtered for sending chat to all players, team mates and clan
  • 3. Skill status
    Displays the skill equipped
  • 4. Scoring
    Points scored by each team are present in this section. Match time and game round can also be found here Crosshair
  • 5. Crosshair
    Varies depending on the weapon being used
  • 6. Status
    Displays the current status of the player
  • 7. Player status
    HP and SP of the player
  • 8. Log
    A battle log of players killing and being killed in the match
  • 9. Weapon status
    The maximum amount and available ammunition

In order to use the Random shop, you must have at least 5000 PEN, or you will not be allowed to use it at all. Once you have at least 5000 PEN. Select your Category and Sub-Category. After you have done so, click the Start Button. Once you do, the Fumbi in a UFO will arrive and a row of various items will appear at the bottom. The Fumbi will then activate the UFO's tractor beam. It will begin to take the items away from you until there is only 1 left. Once there is only about 2 to 3 items left, the tractor beam will start to slowly pull the items up.  Their stats are based on the color of the box. The Item you get may or may not be permanent.

  • 1. Press Start
  • 2. See a set of items taken away by the fumbi UFO
  • 3. Get an item with random stat/duration