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Game Closure Announcement.

2016/06/13 15:51

※Closing notice

Hello, I’m GM_Arcrus also known as CM Chris,Game Master/ Community Manager of S4 League PH. 

First of all, I want to thank everyone who played and supported S4 League PH.We have lasted with a year of endless fun and battling. We regret to telleverybody that the server and all of its services will be closed on July 29,2016.

From this day on, EXP and PEN rates of the server will be set to x5 until theservice closure. 

GC Charging closing date: June 30, 2016 (Thursday).

Game and Website Termination date: July 29,2016 (Friday).

※ Remaining Gcoins


The remaining GCoins that aren’t used for S4 League can still be consumed withother Valofe games such as Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu.


What will happen to our characters anditems?

As you register an account with Valofe, you have agreed with the terms ofagreement. The answer in this question can be seen on Sections 9 and 10.

Can we migrate our accounts to S4 LeagueEU (Aeria Games)?

Valofe and Aeria Games are not affiliated companies, so there would be nopossible way to migrate your accounts to S4 League EU.

Can we refund our remaining GC?

The answers are similar to the first question. All unused GC could not berefunded but can still be used to any other games of Valofe. 

Again, we look forward to seeing you guys again on our current and incoming games!

Thank you for all the love and support!

S4 PH Operations Team

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put***2016/09/30 13:09


Bos***2016/09/29 08:30


Ano***2016/09/21 18:42


xxx***2016/09/19 19:05

where is The Link dwoload The Game :(:

Zan***2016/09/14 21:58

Hi, I have the sources to make a new s4 league server. I only need the right files. Sent me a message to janvoorden1@gmail.com if you are intressed?

suy***2016/09/07 08:50

Pano na po kami makaka laro ng S4 League? Sana naman ma unblock kami sa S4 EU. :'(

Sti***2016/08/31 23:29


xRa***2016/08/15 00:26

You Guys That Are Getting Mad You Have To Understand That Running The Game Takes Money And If That Game Does Not Make Any Money It Will Be Closed...

hag***2016/08/04 19:51


Ash***2016/08/04 01:08

This news is truly heart breaking! It wasn't all smooth sailing but I still had a grand time. It was fun while it lasted and for that, I am grateful.

lor***2016/08/03 14:32

GM's , please at least Ask Aeriagames to un-block the philippine IP.

sam***2016/07/28 15:42


aaa***2016/07/21 06:10

ana gz

pay***2016/07/20 14:01

Why You close this s4 league sayang ang mga account at malaking lvl

val***2016/07/18 14:15

fuck you gm please open s4 family you are dog and pig you noob noob pleas mother you noob father you dog fuck you s4 closers family you is death bye..

enr***2016/07/14 09:08

Please do not close the s4

nut***2016/07/10 06:42

Seeing this after months of hiatus made me feel sad. Nuisance comments aside, I understand why the game is closing I guess what can I say is thank you

and***2016/07/08 17:36

how to download s4league if client is closing?

Bos***2016/07/06 11:20


Vo4***2016/07/05 11:43

Omg Do not close it Please im just new how can i play now !

ald***2016/07/02 09:31

Dont Close This Game many players happy and many players are injoy please dont close :D

Fre***2016/07/02 04:40

I just don't understand this nonsense, S4 Latino have even lower online, but they don't close the game.

Pro***2016/07/01 16:36

Why You want to close S4 League?Its fun!I accidentally uninstall s4 league and cant download it again please dont close!I love this game!!

saf***2016/07/01 15:23

So what happens pag natuloy tong closure? di na talaga kami makakapaglaro ng S4L kasi naka ip ban ang pinas sa S4L eu

Sti***2016/06/29 03:28

Well, just for the reason that its gonna close, would you unblock me? I miss the last summer when i could play.

cel***2016/06/28 23:44

,,marami sana mag lalaro kaso pili lang ang window na gagana,, di tulad ng gunz,,,ganda sana ang s4 ph ,,

cel***2016/06/28 23:38

,,may cra ang laru d lahat ng window gagana ang s4 league ,,

luk***2016/06/25 09:46

why cant download do jujuju sayang account namin TT_TT

hia***2016/06/24 09:44


maz***2016/06/23 14:08


mix***2016/06/23 11:50

Ang reason lang naman para mag sara ang game is kung ndi na kumikita. Tulad nung mga dating game na nawala na pinublish sa pinas. So I understand.

zel***2016/06/20 12:39


mem***2016/06/18 20:23


dam***2016/06/16 16:31

return your money

dam***2016/06/16 16:29

Fuck s4 philippines fuck

ren***2016/06/15 19:00

fck no s4

Jed***2016/06/15 18:35

it can also higher up your earnings :))

Jed***2016/06/15 18:34

I KNOW ITS HARD TO RUN A SERVER. so i respect valofe :)) but we didn't really expect this soooo why not let the game run while publishing the newgame

Ger***2016/06/15 10:52


Kan***2016/06/15 04:03

mahinang mga laro ay hindi magkaroon ng pera ay hindi magkaroon ng isang titi mahiya baboy

Kan***2016/06/15 04:01

Pinoy Bobo ,Putang ina mo,putang mandor,Dick,Face pig , This valofe so bitch like a dick pota pota pota , noob , All gm Fucking bitch black dick lol

que***2016/06/15 01:38

i will never play valofe games again...bad management.

Sky***2016/06/14 20:53

Fucking didn't expect this. Lol

pan***2016/06/14 19:02

S4 league PAAAASAAAA!! hahayzz. Wag po nyo eh close yung larong ito.. napakaganda naman n larong ito dahil action games itong s4 eh kaya please wag.

Fun***2016/06/14 01:15

There is still plenty of time to look for a buyer to pass the torch. For a price or for free, please don't end S4.. You still have almost 2 months.

lvl***2016/06/13 21:39

Pls..I beg you PLEASE DONT PLEASE... I KNOW JUST LIKE 100-300 PEOPLE ONly online in 1 dayss.. but pls dont close this game

lvl***2016/06/13 21:38

i got 100%booster..but i dont use it..cuz i wait for punk guy set..sudennly s4 is close..SAD

Jed***2016/06/13 21:05


sam***2016/06/13 18:45

shit Q.Q

Jed***2016/06/13 18:37

Give reasons why s4 is being closed.

Jed***2016/06/13 18:33

this is so NOT right. i beg you, PLEASE DON'T.....

for***2016/06/13 17:38

shit i gather caps hoping to get another set its all waste man i spent lots of time and money its all waste

Fun***2016/06/13 17:07

help me understand why that can't be. if no one would buy s4, then wouldn't giving it for free be better than closing the game? there's nothing 2 lose

Fun***2016/06/13 17:06

putting the hate comments aside, won't closing the game be the same with giving it to another company for free? there's no loss on your end, anyway..

Fun***2016/06/13 16:47

have you tried selling the game? despite the small amount of players s4 has, a lot of people are still counting on the game.. we'll be crushed by this